February 18th 2016

Today was a much better day than yesterday. I didn't sleep much because I was up watching #DragRace All Stars, working on the #CharacterSelectScreen that I didn't finish for #IceFloe 2 #LoveFlow.

Work was relatively uneventful. T and I worked on consolidating a new photo database and brainstorming the best way to index the photos in the cloud. I also listened to students talk about their experience visiting the Pneuhaus studio. Seemed like a generally positive response. The morning felt very productive, but the afternoon was a wash. I oscillated between working on routine, tedious projects to being distracted by the internet. I started writing this thing. I thought a lot about #hypervaguery, #storage, an #asocialnetwork, and Levinas' reading of Celan strangely.

After work I had an awesome meeting with J about the graphic design for the NUA event invitation. We settled on a loose color pallet, paper hue, and general layout. We liked a previous year's design's use of dot patterns. I am very excited to screen print halftone gradients!

While mentor we had a pretty involved gossip/talking about dating session. I felt kind of envious that others could talk on the subject; I don't have any recent experience with those strange interactions one has when seeing new people... and Tinder and stuff.

After mentoring, I went to Z's opening at the drawing room. It was a group show in which all of the artists were paired up based on there myers briggs test results. Z and S's piece was an installation that comprised of a canopy made of diaphanous white fabric and mesh, stenciled with succulent designs in shiny violet and sea foam spray pain. Under the canopy was a white shag/faux fur cousin were you could sit amongst small potted plants and two hand sown and printed pillows adorned with Z's signature monsters. I really liked the white fur coupled with the potted plans and I always like Z's drawings. D and A came as well. I ended up spending more time there than I intended and just hung out with Z most of the time. It is great to enjoy one persons company so much :) Then I went home, met some people staying with us for the Seizing the Means of Reproduction Conference at Brown, made a stir fry, and vegged the fuck out.


February 19th 2016

Justice Talks were canceled so I slept in a little bit. It has been an odd morning. Once again my focus is all over the place. So much of me just wants to flee the office and make stuff in my "studio" (a dream place that doesn't yet exist). M is feeling sick so we are having trouble finding a ride down to New York for Paper Jam. Hopefully we'll figure it out soon.

Made a tone of edits to this site: added more convenient links on the upload and editor portals to make it more convenient to do more than one edit.upload, added a search bar, added a search highlight feature, etc. Now I just need to be disciplined and write stuff to fill up this cesspool...

02/01/2019 EDIT: I had to remove icefloe.club/heads.html" alt="">this experiment from the Ice Floe site because it was slowing down the site. I suspect the something is wrong with the JS library I am using.

Night Entry

I ended up taking the bus to New York. GoBus was so much faster than MegaBus!!! Sat ext to D on the bus and worked on more web experiments. Once in New York, I grabbed a drink with D at Ore Bar near L's apartment. We talked about what makes a good bar and made plans to make garbage bag wine among other things. Then I grabbed a late night bagel; I love that New York is one of the only places where you can stand in line for a bagel the size of your head at 11pm. L was tired (/cranky) and D had to finish her new comic, so we stayed in.