Random Idea 1

Reverse Katamari Game

Make a reverse Katamari inventory based game. It is a game about loss and dispersion rather than accumulation and conglomeration. Instead of roaming the world amazing these massive assemblages, compressing spheres of objects into star, you, as the player, roam an infinite wasteland, a vast empty world discarding the mass of objects weighing your body down, limiting your movement across the landscape. Perhaps the game has something to do with homelessness and the burden of having to lug all of your earthly possessions around. It definitely has something to do with capitalism--both games do, just different aspects of capitalism. This game could be about excessive waste or it could be about asceticism, minimalism, like The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. Maybe it could go from on to the other. Much of the game play would be navigating and organizing the massive chaotic inventory you have been cursed with.

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I made this valentines day inspired risograph print/game at CR the other night. I wanted to test the riso's ability to print halftone gradients.